Asus Router Remote Login

This type of login enables the Asus router users to access the router’s network or computer (used login and configuration) remotely using an internet LAN connection. This makes use of another device other than computer for accessing the Asus router remotely from anywhere and anytime 24/7.

The Asus router can be logged in remotely using any of the two methods:

  • Asus router remote login from the Asus Router app
  • Asus router remote login from the Asus router’s GUI via web access

Prior to Asus router login remotely

  • Firstly, You must have setup your Asus router previously and setup connections between the hardware devices as listed:
  • Secondly, Connect the modem to the WAN port of the Asus router by attaching the Ethernet cable at both ends.
  • Connect your Asus router to the computer as well using a standard Ethernet cable attached at both the ends.
  • Make sure you turned on the Asus router as well as modem for WAN connection.
  • Check the WAN/Internet connection.

To Access your Asus router remotely using the Web GUI Access from WAN – Asus router remote login:

  • Firstly, Open the default web browser on your device with active internet connection.
  • Secondly, Key in the default IP address for Asus router login in the launched web browser.
  • IP login showing login errors to the router’s web configuration screen, try to search for the Asus router IP address using the Web Discovery Utility.
  • Else, try Asus router remote login by entering in the navigation bar.
  • The Asus router login’s login page would be directed following login.
  • Login screen prompts to enter the Asus router login information in the username and password fields.
  • Fill in the default login in the Asus outer login username and password fields;
  • Default Asus router login username is always admin
  • Default Asus router login password should be empty by default. Nothing should be typed in.
  • Click Enter for Asus router remote login.
  • The Web Graphical user Administrative interface is accessed to configure the router’s settings.
  • Go to Administration section.
  • Click on System button.
  • Select the Remote Access Config button to allow Asus outer remote login.
  • Select “Yes”checkbox against Enable Web Access from WAN.  An Asus router login web address with HTTPS only is supported when accessing the web GUI.
  • Use the default Asus router configuration setting “8443” of [HTTPS Port of Web Access from WAN].
  • Click on Apply to save the Asus router remote access configuration.

Thereafter, you can access the Asus router remotely from other devices.

To access your Asus router remotely from the Asus Router app:

Prior to Asus router login remotely from the Asus router app;

  • You must have downloaded and installed the Asus app on your smart phone device.
  • Use the supported play stores to search for and download the app.
  • Connect your device to the Asus router’s wireless network using the default wireless network settings – SSID and network key.
  • Launch the Asus Router app on your phone.
  • Complete the Asus Router setup to configure the router settings and also remote access configuration settings.
  • Tap on Setup link.
  • Then select the Asus router and allow the setup to proceed.
  • After configuring the basic Asus router settings, you are allowed to setup remote control on the Asus router.
  • Open the router’s configuration screen.
  • Remote connection prompt appears.
  • Choose OK to allow or enable the remote access that is Asus router remote login.
  • You can also select Cancel to decline the remote access.
  • Choosing OK allows the Asus router login access from the external environment that does not include connection to the router’s wifi.

After enabling the remote access on the Asus router, you can now proceed to Asus router login using the above detailed remote login steps after launching the Asus router app on your smart phone or iPhone device.

hence with remote Asus router login access, it is possible to manage the router settings remotely such as viewing the router’s wifi connected devices, blocking internet access to devices, or limiting the bandwidth usage of the Asus router network.